February 2012

Back to work in February, the blogs seemed to thin out a little. Not sure if that is because the busier I get the harder it is to be inspired, or if there was a lull in posts.

Thinking Posts

The Dark Side of the iPad: An interesting article which reminds me that we must always remember how we can give students feedback in a number of ways. WE do need to ba able to access work and creation by students in a convenient and effective manner. Until we can see access to online collaborative and file upload sites, this will eb difficult in our current system. it is something we need to be aware of as we jump into the pool of mobile learning.

The Horizon Report – 2012 (Higher Education): The latest edition of the Horizon Report has been release. This version is focused on High Education and does not strike me as having huge variations to last years’ publication. As always it is essential reading and should be considered in strategic planning for the education community.

What’s Up with Finland: A great index of the Finnish Education system. I am still working my way through this list, but am engaged by all that I have seen and read so far. I wonder how we can shift our system to start replicating the experience that Finland has enjoyed.

Ten meta-trends impacting on learning: This list from @heyjudeonline is a great over-riding list of all contemporary pedagogy movements. It is a great list to table alongside discussions on 21st Century Learning and future needs of our students.

Wine and Education: As someone who grew up in the Hunter Valley vineyards, I strongly identify with this comparison between wine and education. We need to market education reforms in terms that our community understand, not in archaic non-relevant vocabulary that estranges rather than connects us with the community that surrounds.

Quick Look: ‘Plug in better, a Manifesto’The trick isn’t to unplug from our devices — it’s to unplug from the distractions, information overload, and trash that make us unhappy. This post inspires me. It confirms to me that ‘not connecting’ is no longer an option. That the world is connected, at that is that. What is does show me is the importance of being able to focus whilst being connected. This is an important skills that we need to ensure our students are aware of and understand the need to do. I particularly liked the FOMO – Fear of Missing Out explanation. Great post.

Personalized Learning and School TechTools – Do they mix? @bbray: An excellent explanation of Personalised Learning, vs Individualised Learning vs Differentiated Learning. It has re-focussed me to ensure that as we progress into the Nirvana of Education, Personalised Learning, that we make the distinction between these three areas as clear as possible.


Skills or Tools Posts

Gamestorming: A brilliant wiki with all sorts of protocols and ideas for meetings. These fun and innovative approaches would be a great help with

OpenIdeo: Problem based learning that involves solving real issues across the globe. A great site for senior students at the end of the year 10 academic year, or to integrate across a couple of KLAs. I could see real student engagement in this sort of an activity.

The Secret Weapon: Integrate the ‘Getting things done’ principals for organisation with your Evernote account. I have begun to work to understand this concept as I love the integration Evernote can bring me across my work and personal life.


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    A nice mix of the academic and social aspects of education and more specifically teaching. I enjoyed the little side journeys off their post.

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