January 2012

January was the month of ‘what’s coming in 2012′. The themes I picked up on were curation, games based learning, gamification, blended learning, design thinking and mobile learning.

Thinking Posts:

  • Howard Rheingold’s World of Infotention - a great explanation of how our reading skills have changed as we become more digital in our work. Some good strategies for focussing when online.
  • Three trends the define the future of teaching and learning – blended learning is among the list here. I am liking blended learning more and more and see it as a great way to ensure implementation fo digital strategies in classrooms everywhere. I think it allows for teachers to dip their toe before diving in, knowing that they are still doing the right thing by their students. I also love that collaboration is the number one mentioned trend. In my mind collaboration is an innovation that we must ensure in all classrooms, digital or not.
  • What online students want  - this list reiterate some of the points in the blog post above, but the addition of metacognition skills is interesting. I love that students are interested in learning how to learn, as this to me seems like a key in establishing an interest in life-long learning. Again, collaboration rates highly, this time among students wants too.
  • Blended Learning – getting the mix right - Another post about blended learning how it looks in your current teaching and learning situation. A great visual to put it all in perspective.
  • Personalised Learning is not Differentiated Instruction – as we see, hear and read more about personalised learning, it is essential to understand the difference it holds from differentiated instruction. this post explains it well.
  • As a result of the Apple eTextbook Announcement, and number of posts were release showing how to curate textbooks among a number of mediums. This is a great way to promote and consider the development of online learning resources
  1. Aggregate, Curate and Create your own Textbook
  2. How to easily make your own textbook
  3. 3 ways to make your own textbook

Skills or Tools Posts:


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